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In allegiance with our 100.K ZONE collection, UNLIMITED is intended to act as an extension of 100.K where immense layering and mixing/matching of both active wear and leisure garments is imperative in order for individuals to understand the close relationship between creativity and the idea of functionality from a lifestyle perspective as a whole.  Hence, it is through the inclusion of universal ‘sports’ elements including adjustable notions, 3M, breathable vs compression fabrics and silhouettes that double as both gym gear and leisure wear that provides individuals with the opportunity to understand the zones survivalist concept where ‘aesthetic’ value and lifestyle are inextricably linked. It is this post-apocalyptic approach to UNLIMITED that deems the presented items to be both multipurpose and easily manipulated to suit whatever circumstance is thrown at the individual; much like the inevitability that I would imagine occur within a post-apocalyptic or ‘dystopic’ scene where extensive choice and ‘options’ are scarce.